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Netherton -- if you don't like or agree with a thread, or are just uncomfortable with it, get off of it. Speaking only for myself, of course, your departure from this particular thread would be most w + 7 more characters
Message to Steve Craddock and our awesome Webmaster: I second the motion. If Gunnar has a strange need to complicate/jumble/ridicule a site, could we please refer him to some other town's site......?
So what happens when a woman wears it......?
I was wondering about the confusion on the date....interesting. Several people have asked me what ended up happening, but I sure don't have a clue. Anyone know if there is any news....?
No, it's a "human being thing". If more of "you" would support "us", we wouldn't even have to use divisive language. There's your nuff said, and I'll be there tonight, glowing away!
Bump, bump! GVC, please email me with your mailing address (I still do snail mail) -- [email protected] Thanks again!
We do Derf with some exceptions. It's the exceptions that bother me. So rights are something that are only extended to certain people under certain conditions? Wouldn't that make your hero, Ronald Reg + 62 more characters
Bump, bump! Anyone want to join me in some protest at the parade tomorrow morning.....? Post here, I'll be checking this often. Let's get a plan!
Bump, bump for the abandoned moms! Let's get out there during BHS tomorrow -- anyone with me....?
Glad to hear the protest continues. There were only three of us out on Haynes yesterday, and I didn't last long. I'm curious to know how our very-soon-to-be moms are doing in this chaos, so I'll be ou + 46 more characters
Jon, of course Jesus saw allusions to himself in the Scriptures--he believed himself to be the Messiah. And look, so do I. And of course many of us who are trinitarian, which I am, find evidence of th + 2741 more characters
By the way, this is Jay, not Derf (keep forgetting about that default thing).
No, I don't think so. Obviously there is a thought process involved. Jesus said to love the Lord with all you heart and mind and soul and strength. He also "follow me." We make that decision to follow + 768 more characters
I am doing research for a potential book and need someone to translate eight Dutch articles for me (and one in German). They aren't very long and I haven't received them yet. This is the stuff I've be + 88 more characters
Bump, Bump, CROP Walk! Today at 1:30 - Wibaux Park - nice and cool weather! See you there!
Thank you Bart for your eloquent posting! You said it much better than I ever could. See you tomorrow!!
Bump, bump, CROP WALK! (Boy, the election is tough competition for space here!)
Hey!! CROP Walk plans are still coming right along. We even have a few new walkers this week, along with a great list of sponsors. I forgot to mention that this is an all-abilities event -- in other w + 450 more characters
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