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Just curious, how many Thing Makers did you have? I remember the Creeple People that attached to the top of your pencil and the bug one. The smell of the plastic cooking never really leaves your memor + 266 more characters
I was willing to give him a chance...right up until he decided it would be a good idea to allow patrons of bars to be armed.
I get that rivalry battles are often embellished and cross the line of truth, be it over sports teams or politics. I have only recently noticed several local people talking about Joe Biden in referenc + 191 more characters
We have hot water heating, so central air is out. We found an alternative called, "Mr. Slim". Our cat sits on the cat tree, in front of Mr. Slim willing it to come on! p.s. what did we hate about wint + 111 more characters
Gunnar, I'm curious about the Pea vines ~ they seem to me like they'd be really stringy and woody? Otherwise, I love the flavor of the pods, and assume they taste like them?
Mary said: Because this is 2017 and if HE doesn't want to give up HIS seat, I'M not giving up MINE!!!!
I doubt a form exits that you could have signed releasing them of any liability for not properly filling your oil. In this "sue happy country", I would BET deviations from the S.O.P. regarding ANY wor + 260 more characters
What? No one's added 'Bigly' yet?
I believe a, "be careful what you wish for " is in order, Gunner!
How about making the identity of the like/dislike voters public? Like on FB, you could click on to the likes or dislikes and see who voted. If it's the usual haters of one side or the other, people ca + 30 more characters
I have a question for Ed who fishes. I often see posts lamenting over prayer being taken out of schools. Since you included it here, will you clear up some confusion for me? Please explain exactly wha + 592 more characters
I can't remember the last storm like this! It woke me up at 2am, just had to try and video the river running down our street...didn't turn out
I liked Battle Creek and Beckstrom too...pretty sure they both got cancelled
A fan indeed! Didn't know there was another season coming up, thanks!
How about any of the old buildings at Pine Hills?
Sounds like a job for the Depot!
What an absolutely WONDERFUL idea
Just wanted to say thank-you for the Little Free Library!
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In reference to Richard's original post: I don't like it, I don't like it a BIT.
I just realized out of all the times some hopeful newcomer posts a similar thread, no one ever mentions we are at the confluence of 2 rivers! Lots of opportunity for wildlife interests, be it fishing + 311 more characters
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