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it's not about being rude, it's about learning how to work a computer and using real words.
who is marley?
Okay...I'm sorry I said I would never post again...but this sh#t is too's one last one from the "slayer".... Merry Christmas from Idaho.....
PS....Bob L rocks
This is my last post..... Tommy you are a world class sportsman. Rick Bishop... you suck balls. To all the Griz fans...drunkie is as drunkie does.... To Miles City Dot Com.... I retire. Hal, you kick + 1218 more characters
I think you are probably remembering the smell of your moist panty liner.
Bishop---just like the big squishy kid that used to fart on your neck, so will the Griz use the Bobcats as t.p.
pp made a boo boo
OH NO BOBCAT FANS!!!!!!! I just read the Cole Berquist interview and he sounds determined to beat the bobcats. I think that the criminal activity by some of the members of the football squad is going + 544 more characters
Tuff Enough! By the way, I am not a total Cat basher. A lot of my family and friends are Cat fans. In fact, I was just at a Bobcat tailgate party earlier in the year as the following picture can attes + 158 more characters
My high score was 1550...give it a try. Fun for the whole family! url
I just got back from my honeymoon the other week. I went down to Sarasota, FL and hung out on the beach for 6 days. Drank a lot of rum. Went fishing in Sarasota Bay. Kayaked with alligators. Had a gre + 202 more characters
Hey Denise...would you know what percentage of Miles City kids get their hot lunches free or reduced? I would be interested to know. Also, what do MC kids pay for a lunch?
I just heard that former MSU Head Coach Mike Kramer will be attending the Griz/Bobcat game in Bozeman this weekend! He is sporting some stylish new duds complements of the huge settlement he recieved + 333 more characters
One last one for this Tuesday...... WAY TO GO CATS!!!
Northern Colorado celebrates it's only victory this season
Don't worry Tommy.....California has the Gov-n-ator. Montana has the Griz-n-ator.....
He'll pradon all those out of state boys
nope...not a Griz fan, actually the MSU homecoming queen (pun intended).
I see the Griz had 3 more players arrested this weekend. When are the coaches going to figure out that you can take the kid out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the kid?" Oh well, b + 114 more characters
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