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The time is here! Hope to see most of you this weekend! Today is my Friday. I am going home to finish laundry and packing. Then it's off on a 12 hour car ride! Woo Hoo!
Hello to all on this site at this moment. I couldn't believe the number was 62 in the middle of the afternoon.
The time is drawing very near! Have there been more rsvp's? I'm sure hoping we have a great turnout!
Hi Connie, The class reunion is being held over the Fourth of July weekend. Are you guys still in or near Miles City? Here are the details: July 1, (Friday): Check in from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at the Cat + 1557 more characters
Need to bring us back to the top. Only roughly three weeks until our reunion. I hope everyone has rsvp'd! If not do so NOW!! Run don't walk!
Thanks for the update Jody! I think the time is just sneaking up on us!
Vicky S., I'm sorry to hear that you won't make it. I was hoping that you could since you weren't able to attend our 10 year.
Just out of curiosity, who will be going to the reunion? Let's see how many responses we can get on this forum!
Jody, Can people still send in their bios to you? Also, for those who were interested, there are combined activities with Sacred Heart on Friday night and Sunday afternoon. I would be happy to post t + 71 more characters
The time is drawing near!!
It's getting closer...and I've been having a great time getting back in touch with some of our high school classmates!
Was that pun intended? (still chuckling....)
Tucker - Are you guys truly getting Bobby Vee to perform? He is one of my favorites (even though I graduated in 1985). I saw him in town where I live now in the very late 80's. He sounded great (altho + 150 more characters
I think it would be fun for everyone to bring any old class photos from grade school on up. I don't know if I can find any of mine, but I bet it would be fun to see everyone as kids again!
The form was: Name (maiden and married) Married yes or no, date Spouse name number of childre names of children (along with gender and birthdate) What have you been doing the past 20 years? (jobs, loc + 279 more characters
I've been chatting with a Sacred Heart graduate of the Class of '85 and she thinks their reunion is being planned for the same weekend as Custer's. Will update when I get more details from her. Jodi, + 332 more characters
I too am sitting on my response letter full of my life's doings over the last 10 years. I'm sure everyone is just holding their breath waiting! But you will have to wait until our reunion!
Hi Sally, I heard that your reunion was happening the same weekend as ours (Class of 1985) which is over the July 4th weekend. I don't know anything else specifically though. Sorry!
Jose Quervo you are a friend of mine; I like to drink you with a little salt and lime. Did I kiss all the cowboys did I shoot out the lights? Did I dance on the bar? Did I start any fights?
A Chicago Bear fan, a Minnesota Viking fan and a Green Bay Packer fan were all in Saudi Arabia, sharing a smuggled crate of booze. All of a sudden Saudi police rushed in and arrested them. The mere + 1690 more characters
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