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Great reminder on how important our local elections are and what great opportunities we have to visit with our local candidates! Choose wisely!
Looking forward to it!??
Maybe visiting with the business who is paying for the snow removal could be productive.
The Cottonwoods in the parks are beautiful, that said Cottonwood have a much shorter lifespan than Oaks and are probably in need of some good grooming to keep them healthy and safe.
Does anyone know the outcome of the hay bale judging, and if so would you share those results?
The tee shirts are in the freezer! Please come and join the fun tomorrow Friday at 3:00 on the Midway Stage at the Fair!
The DEAP FREEZE is BACK! DEAP will be sponsoring the DEAP FREEZE - Frozen Tee Shirt Race for Kids 12 years old and under at the Eastern Montana Fair at 3:00pm Friday, August 23rd on the Midway Stage. + 572 more characters
DEAP will again be sponsoring the DEAP FREEZE, Frozen Tee-Shirt Race for kids 12 years old and under! The DEAP FREEZE will be held at 3:00 on Friday, August 23rd, on the Midway Stage. The first 25 k + 648 more characters
In Montana wait staff are taxed 8% of their total ticket sales for the tables they serve. So if the tables they serve do not tip them at least 8% they lose money. And if you are a habitual under or no + 391 more characters
Back to the top.
Please come show your support, have a great meal and tip your wait staff well!
DEAP 3rd Annual Celebrity Waiter Fundraising Event Please come out and support DEAP's Celebrity Waiter Fundraising Event, May 1st at the Rib and Chop House. The Rib and Chop House has once again agree + 867 more characters
Prizes, Free Lunch, Actvities for the Kids, Entertainment for Everyone! Fun For All!! May 4th, 9 to 3 at the Centra!
Save the date for family fun!
Community event for families, FREE activities, Free lunch, prizes, and entertainment!
Deepest sympathy for the familes who are enduring a horrific loss, hopes for emotional healing for the children who survived the attack, the teachers and staff who proctected the children, the first r + 426 more characters
Peaslee's have pumpkins of all sizes all the carving size pumpkins are $4 and under and the EXTRA large Bix Max Pumpkins are $5 and up. Call 234-2938 and talk to Art, or stop by 615 N. Sewell between + 27 more characters
We also have pumpkins for sale from 4 to 6 pm at Peaslee's Pumpkins at 615 N. Sewell in Miles City.
Here are some of the items included in the movie that have been made the factuD'Souza then goes through a list of actions Obama has taken as president to support his thesis. Many of them don't hold wa + 1610 more characters
Thank You Sharon for all you are doing to help! Some of these families have had to evauate to Miles City so that they can be close to medical care and many Miles City businesses and organizations have + 40 more characters
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