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I kinda remember the party going outside, someone noticing an idling locomotive across the street, and a quarter mile back and forth joyride. Yeah, good times at the good old Alta Club.
6 needles- Superior
9 boobs- Eden
9 boobs- Laurel and Hardy
34 cardinal-Warsaw
10 G man- Tracy
30 Jumper- McAlister 43 Beast- Yaak 46 Turn- Three Forks
It's popular in Whitefish lately. But there's good reason for that. Gunnar, to be good at an olympic sport a country would have to have ways to promote it, take it seriously and help interested peopl + 306 more characters
Not Frank, ungyded. That was Jimmy.
Wow, Larry, way to wake up a boring forum center.
Guess the name of the program or movement, if you will, based on the principle of putting character first on the list of personal achievement. It's huge in numerous private schools and sports teams la + 4 more characters
raise your hand if you ever raced a tricycle down the street singing "she loves you yeah,yeah,yeah".
The price is going up daily now. The rate quoted today when you ordered isn't good tomorrow when the truck shows up. Good thing all these folks with heated driveways have lots of money.
Demand is high and supply is low. Farmers back east needed more than usual to dry their grain Meanwhile we had January level usage in November- hasn't happened before. And one refinery is down a lot. + 307 more characters
OK, I guess I'll just have a quick draft beer and head down the hill. It's kinda creepy here, didn't use to be like that.
RV Parking with all hookups has been rather lucrative for us, I wonder if that would work in MC? We have mostly short term but long term is easier, I would think there would be a lot of that there.
Support your local youth programs promoting the Character First (or similar) concepts. It's really easy to do.
His sculptures weren't bad, either. The CMRussell museum in GF is a must see, by all means check it out when you can. New examples of his work pop up now and then, he certainly did trade a quick doo + 195 more characters
Well there was kind of a run-on sentence there but spelling was spot-on and punctuation was impressive.
Crap, I was gonna cut and paste the entire script of "Airplane"
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