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More so I'm curious about a vehicle that's been sitting outside Allen's Autobody. Its a pretty messed up dodge with a big ol white camper in the back. I wasn't even sure if the shop was still open and + 183 more characters
Fist time playing. Didn't realized it was timed and read that Fleming question a dozen times before my duh moment I'll have to speed it up next time. This is great.
Yes - this is what I call draining the swamp. He drained all the water out, which revealed all the monsters who lurked and prowled the swamp bottoms. He then appointed said monsters to positions in hi + 65 more characters
"Mom... how did Daddy die?" ....... "Oh son, he died patriotically by adhering to the laws of The State of The Uniom Drinking Game, 2018 Edition"
I've heard too many times now that our current president is mentally fit to serve because he passed his physician's cognitive assessment. It's exhausting to argue the difference between a full psycho + 730 more characters
From what I've read, it seems that his evangelical base is demanding forgiveness for his sins. They pull the passages about forgiveness and grace. I found these to be the most helpful bible passages r + 465 more characters
Let's break it down: 1 Month Prior to the Election: Use Campaign Funds to pay $130,000.00 in hush money... a porn star... keep her quiet about the affair you had with her... ...while your + 673 more characters
His doctor reported him as being: 6'3'' Tall 239 Pounds BMI 29.9 - overweight - just 0.1 under being considered obese. Oddly enough - he must have grown taller since becoming president. Before he was + 648 more characters
Donald Trump is busy blaming the democrats for the impending government shutdown. Facts: Republicans control: -The House -The Senate -The Whitehouse. Reality: Trump is holding the country hostage unl + 177 more characters
Things we've learned from this thread: 1. Snowy is quintessentially racist. 2. Snowy doesn't actually understand what the word racist means. 3. The gene pool in Eastern Montana is clearly more shallow + 35 more characters
You being mixed-race has absolutely nothing to do with your biases and bigotry. That's like saying, my dog is half German Shepherd - so it's impossible for him to attack or hate another German Shephe + 151 more characters
That right there is exactly what I expected. Blatant racism. Disgusting racism. He literally states that he believes that people of African descent are genetically inferior. THAT IS RACISM. Your res + 63 more characters
Dear Snowy: Please explain to me how a person who claims to be the "Least Racist Person" also says the following. I'll be waiting for your explanation of how this is "civil and loving to your fellow m + 118 more characters
Such an incredible vocal talent. Such an incredible loss. Such an incredibly young age to die suddenly. Her voice was the sound of my young adulthood. So many memories. Tragic.
Jeff Sessions, resident Keebler Elf of the White House, has made it his mission to re-institute Reefer Madness. That includes removing the protections States have in allowing medicinal marijuana use, + 513 more characters
I was going to say the same thing! The repetition. The false police reports. The property issues. The demands to come meet them in person. The conspiracies and impressions of personal grandeur. AND... + 115 more characters
This morning: 3 Tweets from the, like, really smart Donald. Now that Russian collusion, after one year of intense study, has proven to be a total hoax on the American public, the Democrats and their + 804 more characters
Dear, Dear Rose... You sweet little baby angel. You have to see that you're embarrassing yourself, right? I don't know you. I don't think I know any of you. However, this is just sad. Have some digni + 388 more characters
You have every right to air your dirty laundry in public. Just don’t be upset when your neighbors comment on the skid marks.
The prophecy here is divine. Turns out Bannon was just “a staffer” who had nothing to do with the Don or his presidency. Barely knew the guy. Only met one-on-one a few times. The size of the delusio + 227 more characters
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