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I have both an iphone5 and a Galaxy S4. Both are great phones but I prefer my Galaxy S4 by far.
I was given a Canon color photo printer several years ago by my brother and will cry the day it finally dies. The pictures turn out beautiful and it prints documents really nice too. Only drawback is + 120 more characters
From what I was told, a woman was stabbed on that block. I own a house on that block so I was a little shocked to hear the news, not sure exactly how accurate the information. This is just what I was + 5 more characters
My favorite: The Eagles!
I got to work today, which is great because everyone is out shopping and not doing their banking hahahaha
I am thankful for all the things that Kyle listed as well. My beautiful kids, my dad, my brother and the rest of my wonderful family and friends. I am also thankful for so many small things in life t + 1019 more characters
It was not taught at CCHS when I was going to school there from 87-90
OMG Dave....roflmao
I've been in banking for many many years and it is truly scary how often people fall for scams of all types that involve giving out their bank account information just to see money disappear from it.
I have a pretty standard ringtone, but have one of my favorite country songs as the ringtone that plays when a certain special someone calls me. Always puts a smile on my face when I hear it :-)
I noticed once that local MC bank had a mis-spelled word on their electronic sign out front. They spelled Home Equity as "Home Equiy". I kept thinking I should go in and tell someone, but then let it + 51 more characters
I saw a bumper sticker last week that spanned the entire bumper of a pickup truck in Billings that said: One Big Ass Mistake America
Ya gotta admit, no matter who's name you insert on the bumper sticker....that's some funny sh*t!!
I don't mind an occasional rap song, but I must admit after too long they all start to sound the same, and some of them can get rather nasty with the lyrics. I love a very wide range of music from cou + 605 more characters
The Exorcist Poltergeist Damian: The Omen Friday the 13th CHILDREN OF THE CORN - FUUUU-REAKED ME OUT....I swear I will never fully recover from that one...sheesh
I have eaten at the Cattle-Ac many times and have yet to ever have a problem with the food or the service. I never got food poisoning, never got cold food, and had very friendly good service. I guess + 137 more characters
I'm a huge comedy buff so these are just a few of my favorites: Just Friends Wild Hogs 40 Yr old Virgin etc...etc...
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