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OH But She beat on My sister Rebecca too. more boys than girls though. Dad and Mom would go to the school to talk to Her, She would let them know how sweet and innocent she was, and, what a liar I was + 465 more characters
Mrs. Fischer was an unforgettable teacher. I can not count how many beatings I took from that #@&*$ because I did not understand how anyone could put alphabits into a math equation. How many times I h + 1298 more characters
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I wanted to load another pic of the finished product but only way to do so would be to use another photo site. if anyone wants a pic of the finished trailer please text Me at 406 eight53 1921
Fenders, welder and tool box are now mounted to the trailer and unit is ready to go.
I have an A/C portable welder for sale. has 220 and 110 outlest. 220 amp welder with cables.
220 amp A/C welder with 110 and 220 volt A/C outlets. Two cylinder Wisconsin engine that starts easy, runs real nice and uses no oil. Recent tuneup and oil change. easy on fuel too. Welder side does a + 683 more characters