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nothing like the pic @David Schott Just a red burning round thing falling, like it was gliding, straight down towards the ground. Maybe it was a spherical object like a ball shaped unit. [Edited by Ma + 29 more characters
Friday evening, just about time it was going to dark. Off in the south there was this glowing round looking thing floating down from the sky, like it was burning up. It was not like a meteorite that w + 432 more characters
OH But She beat on My sister Rebecca too. more boys than girls though. Dad and Mom would go to the school to talk to Her, She would let them know how sweet and innocent she was, and, what a liar I was + 465 more characters
Mrs. Fischer was an unforgettable teacher. I can not count how many beatings I took from that #@&*$ because I did not understand how anyone could put alphabits into a math equation. How many times I h + 1298 more characters
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