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OH But She beat on My sister Rebecca too. more boys than girls though. Dad and Mom would go to the school to talk to Her, She would let them know how sweet and innocent she was, and, what a liar I was + 465 more characters
Mrs. Fischer was an unforgettable teacher. I can not count how many beatings I took from that #@&*$ because I did not understand how anyone could put alphabits into a math equation. How many times I h + 1298 more characters
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Still for sale. Camper will remain locked until someone notifies me that they are setting here to look at it. Absolutely no trades. Price is negotiable, within reason.
Still for sale
The entire rebuild process can be followed here. Text or call to see the camper. Text works best, leave a message if calling and I will immediately call back. + 30 more characters
This is a dry camp camper. There is no water tanks of any kind. The sink is there and there is a hand pump attached to the sink. There is no outlet for a sink drain. the camper was taken down to the f + 579 more characters
RE: rifle brass one month ago
Call Bob at 406 853 3212 The .223 brass has sold.