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did dillon beat belgrade
anyone know the score?
ive heard it more than once at night before
i too live down that way and can hear it almost every night, does sound kinda like a gun
over by half, nuff said.
fights should start at about 7:00-7:15
god you guys bitch about everything give it a rest.
If any of you tried it you would realize its one of the harder sports to go through with all the training. It is a sport, its about being physically and mentally smarter than your opponent.
chuck norris once walked down the street with a boner...........there were no survivors..... After much debate, President Truman decided to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima rather than the alterna + 339 more characters
well if reincarnation was real..... you (stephen) would come back as a douchebag. Oh wait too late
kegger definitely isnt deceased lol
yes i would like to wish him well also. I hope he still coaches too he was a great coach.
josh was probably staring at the fries, not the actual important part of the picture.
Author: Bridgier Posted: 2/7/2010 10:03:10 PM From: - ID If only there was a rangeland firefighter who could give us the scoop... haha that made me laugh thank you.
I might go back and lifeguard this year im not sure yet.
or have we just not hit upon a topic that interests him? maybe we should mention something about government conspiracy that will interest him. lol
avenged sevenfold is good music but nirvana is great.
yeah see i remember that cause i got their autographs lol.
they must have been here in the 90's werent they i remember seeing them in the gym.
pool hall definitely
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