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well if all els fails me and my dad would be more than happy to build you one.
i wish you the best and if there is anything i can do just ask.i am part of a very active church so they would be more than willing to prayers are with you.
............OK then
Theres a new card shop on 7th street and it looks really cool in there.they have got tables set up to play ANY game you want.There will be display cases there on wednesday or thursday.They do sell mag + 317 more characters
ok dum question because i know its non profit but will it cost any thing? And whats the age range?
i would ask what you mean but sadly... i think i already know..
so that everyone will leave me alone i added a dictionary toolbar to my internet explorer so if i dont know a word i can look it up. SO THERE LOL!!
you know i have delt with alot of peple in my life that always say "its not hard if you just try" and if you ask me thats a load bull shit. For example "flying isint hard if you try" now i now thats a + 451 more characters
what do you have against the bible?
no its not but it would be funny if it was me inpersanating me (i know i spelled that wrong beaucse i have no idea how to spell it)
im anoying?Well ouch..... I thoght we were just throghing insunts back and forth for fun but OK whatever. Just say the word and ill stop.
no im not and i dont evan know you..... and nice to see you too brian
your all fucking doosh bags
well hes not me im to cheap for that
that is just wrong in so many ways that i just cant put into words how i feal about that. As a christian my self i must say that what there asking is just abserd!! Asking us to pray for only sertan pp + 222 more characters
Well looks like he finaly croked
RE: yugioh 13 years ago
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any one know where i can buy a pocet dictionariy for like $3? and no im not seeing how many of you have a heart attak tho i wonder?........
RE: yugioh 13 years ago
in General Discussion
by the way wendy does it really matter how "its" is spelled?Beacuse every one seems not to care about that one but you? (says all this while being caried out on huge strecher)
RE: yugioh 13 years ago
in General Discussion
it hit 100? (has a heart attak in his cave).OH ya i went there
it realy is a sad day beacuse [email protected] gave birth to rpg's,MMORPG's and inspired many other wonderfull ideas.
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