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Thanks for your comments BigSkyGuy! Sorry you can't attend the Annual Meeting tomorrow, but we are here to listen to your concerns at any time, either at the local business office in Miles City or any + 2058 more characters
Mid-Rivers Communications is currently experiencing an Internet and cable television outage in Miles City due to a fiber cut. Crews are working to restore services as quickly as possible.
We are sorry that some of you feel you have not been treated fairly - that is never our intent. Our local Customer Service Representatives try their best to implement our policies while being as fair + 193 more characters
Mid-Rivers has reached agreement with CBS and will NOT be dropping your local CBS network in Miles City. You may still see messages on your CBS channel but those relate to other providers, not Mid-Riv + 121 more characters
While there are some "sun spot" issues that all cable providers experience during late September / early October each year, such interruptions or weaknesses in signal are typically brief. If you are e + 164 more characters
Mid-Rivers does offer residential speeds upto 20Mbps throughout Miles City. We also recommend at least 1.5-3 Mbps per device that you plan to have connected to the Internet as each connected device is + 295 more characters
JJ&J, We are very sorry to hear you are having problems with your Internet service, and would appreciate another opportunity to resolve your problem. Please contact your local Mid-Rivers office at 23 + 376 more characters
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