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No Pascal's Wager hear. For me there is a difference between what I believe the bible describes as faith, of which I have in my heart, and Pascal's Wager. Same in knowing God is real and just choosing + 534 more characters
Hey yall can count me in on this thing, im all for it 100% unstopable. i love to sk8 and been doin so sence i was about ten years old and thats a good 19 years so lets get busy with every detail plani + 27 more characters
Ohh yea and another thing, the writing on the side can easily be mistaken as something drug related simply because of the sad truth that there are people in the world who somehow think its ok with Jes + 799 more characters
HEY WASUP YALL!!!!???? noticed the post so I had to say hello. Also as a response to the 3 posts there, yes yes and yes that right! Words can not describe how things are on the inside because of how G + 746 more characters
Ok so last time I checked about a few months ago only selected places in miles city here has a internet speed of about 12mps and in others its about 7mps but the rest of the world has it so much faste + 1345 more characters
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