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yes ,they are in billings .
can you say "DETERMINATION"
it would take a big dog to weigh a ton
crooked is as crooked does!!!
Josh and Mr.S-I don't have an account, so here I am on my guy's. Yes, you are right. I never liked to say I had a severe TBI, I bumped my head that left me with some side effects, not disabilities. Po + 58 more characters
mcc grads 13 years ago
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just want to wish you all the best. especially my better half, and my best friend, molly christianson, you have made many people proud!!
we here at goldstar exteriors will give promt anytime (406)853-6777 or (406)853-4630. liscensed and insured.
anyone for beer pong? anyone?Subject: Your Reply: anyone for beer pong? anyone? big grin confused cool eek! embarrassment frown mad roll eyes (sarcastic) smile stick tong + 930 more characters
my goals have nothing to do with my input on this thread. its taxes that bore me. so i posted my opinion. nothing but that, so ease up steve.
good deal!! i never intended to!!
again, BLAH , BLAH , BLAH!!!
yes gunnar, the billboards are everywhere. funny thing is the training in blgs. was totally booked for the 19th &20th. so am i to believe everyone has been behind the curve. i was only posting an info + 15 more characters
blah! blah! blah!
are contractors certified in lead safe work practices? if not you face heavy penalties from the e.p.a. you must be certified by 4/22/10 . all contractors should research this. homeowners who do their + 110 more characters
and when does j. rath chime in?
leah, the cat was unfortunately put down. as a close friend of one of these defendants, maybe you could enlighten us on how it went for these cowardly fellas?
gee i wonder if josh knows what "contradiction" is.? he seems to do this ALOT!
my point was/is to have these people slow down a bit, not speed them up.
oh but the mip's and dog at large tickets seem to require all the p.d.'s attention?!?!
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