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I have an old photo of a couple named Ernest Kemp and Mildred (she was the sister of Henry Schwartz). I would be happy to send it, if any family is interested in it.
I have a photo of Bruce Hargis in military dress "at a camp somewhere" (according to what my dad wrote on the back) and that he had not seen him for some years. I am happy to send this photo to a desc + 96 more characters
How far back does you book go? My great great grandfather, John McPhie, died and was buried in Miles City in Nov 1880. I was told he was in the Custer County Cemetery but have never been able to find + 400 more characters
Wow Cindy, I am so sorry I did not get back to you especially in light of all the info you compiled on my behalf. Thank you so much. I knew a lot of the family history from the son of JG Mackenzie but + 434 more characters
I did see that list. Margaret Mackenzie is my ggrandmother, Mrs.Perham, Mrs. McLean and Mrs. O'Neil are her daughters and AG and FW Mackenzie are her sons. Do you know where I could find any informati + 194 more characters
My greatgrandfather was J.G. Mackenzie who homesteaded at Miles City in 1880 and I think he owned the Grand Hotel at one point. I know there were other McKenzie's in the area so maybe I have it wrong. + 626 more characters
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