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Thanks everybody. The next time I contemplate flying off to see the grandchildren, collect your guns and shoot me. My children were all sexually retarded which means at 75 I have a 7 year-old granddau + 696 more characters
Sorry I cannot accomodate your request. My deteriorating health has left me barely able to walk and mostly confined to bed. After more than 2 months it will take time to regain the lost weight and get + 38 more characters
That's not funny Amorette. Besides, the trip wasn't a total lost. My 2-year-old grandson is a cute and happy charmer. He is in the bottom 5% on the growth chart, so to see this small creature running + 399 more characters
The next time I get the idea of going to visit the grandchildren would somebody please ask me "Have you lost your mind?" The trip started off well enough when I arrived at the Miles City Airport to be + 2689 more characters
Thanks Cory' Nothing has changed in the 5 plus years I have been on the list. They could consider using gender, race, age and other identifing info, but that would be too sane. My first "terrorist" id + 2582 more characters
Thank you for your suggestion. I filled out the forms and submitted the many documents to be removed from the lists several years ago. Since then I have protested really bad treatment on several fligh + 787 more characters
This was one of the best musical evenings in the history of Miles City. The group was very large and extremely diverse. One of the members who is from American Samoa has a son who was the hero of the + 874 more characters
Thank you Amorette. I've just finished the 10th re-write of 1876 - 1889 in Montana. I am working on the 1890's now. This info is so appropriate.I have the opening paragraphs of the 20th century and a + 769 more characters
I was so grown up when "under God" was added to the pledge that the two words seemed like an abberation and I never said them.Of course, I grew up in a segregated USA where lyncing, school segregation + 694 more characters
Hal, Thanks a load. A local attorney sent me even more information, and cited a book I have, but had not looked at for the Geddes. Is this a town of great people or what? I am especially interested i + 547 more characters
Thanks Hal, Sorry I've been out of touch, but, right now life is pretty challenging. I can no longer access my e-mail, so I would very much appreciate your posting the information here. I'm writing as + 121 more characters
Fabulous. If I felt better I'd check the Yellowstone Journal on the dates and incidence mentioned to see what it had to say. Thank you. Johnnie Thomas
Hal, You are a genius. Any chance of you we finding out what happened to the couple and their children? Johnnie Lou
Hal, I think I love you. I'll know my affection is deep and true if you are willing to solve an historical mystery for me. It involves George and Regina Geddes. They were part of a wealthy New York fa + 777 more characters
Thanks Cory, Unfortunately, taping would not work for me. The stories I tell are those of other people suplemented by primary research. I have tapes from dozens of other people and different versions + 307 more characters
Wow! Thanks for all of the new references Did not mean to give the impression I was unfamiliar with Scott's book. I have a copy of it. I also have all of my father's records that I got from the Nation + 744 more characters
Hal, How do you know all of this stuff? My father was a Company E of the 365th under Vernon Caldwell. He also served with black officers Capt. Frank Dry and Major Cleve Abbott who were on the f + 512 more characters
Bill's relatives who were in the army at the beginning of the 20th century were all African Americans who were in "U.S. Colored Regiments." They could have been stationed together at the same posts, b + 663 more characters
Bradley William Gilbert, What a wonderful name. As I recall, my husband spent all of his growing-up years at 307 Yellowstone Avenue where he lived with his Great-great-grandma Nickens, his Great-grand + 528 more characters
Roxanna, Funny stuff. To the Webmaster and all of you who asked about the book and me. I am having some new health challenges. Have to use narcotics, but rarely. Am anemic which means exhaustion. A na + 1912 more characters
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