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I too have to agree that most teachers and definately the principal of Washington Middle are rude and nasty to the students. Calling Mr. Plowman only makes things worse! I can not wait till my child i + 21 more characters
Well I really hope they can figure out how to make Subway more "customer friendly". It is so hard to get lunch even when you have an hour long lunch break. I'm not knockin Subway, I just hate to wait.
Anyone know what is going in behind Arby's?
Albertsons still gives free cakes for first birthdays!
The Patch family has had enough heartache and tragety. Let's all just keep them in your thoughts and prayers and not speculate on why it happened. No need to drag their name through the mud!
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Kara Phillips from On The Move Photography? She took hockey pictures of my daughter and I haven't been able to contact her so I can receive them. Thank you
Roller rink!!!
I absolutely LOVE the outdoor rink! My daughter and I are there as much as possible. Now I think we need to find an area to have a roller rink for the summer. That would be AMAZING!!!! Any ideas? Anyo + 20 more characters
Smiley is nothing but a lying stealing fraud.. And here is why; She sits here and preaches the bible, can quote verses from it and pretends that she is some type of "good citizen." But here is one of + 469 more characters
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