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I am actually staying in the same hotel as the full Apollo crew. I have also spent a few elevator rides with them and I was honored to have been graced with their presence. It was amazing, and I am no + 223 more characters
hmmm...weird I wasn't informed being born with a disease was a decision. I know I was never asked to decide. Who do I talk to about making this decision? and btw I would have a job right now, but I am + 179 more characters
I noticed Kyle has altogether stopped talking to me.Is this because he has found the error in his ways? haha
So we can give children education, even when some children won't live to use it in the real world because of their lack of health care. Its sad to think about, I know, but its the truth.
The thing is car isn't life and death. So what, you go without a car for your life? Honestly compared to going without health care I would rather never get into a car again than go without health care + 916 more characters
hmm but people can live without cars, not so much healthcare. This issue is very close to my heart, and my stance on it will never change. I don't even understand why you are comparing health care to + 355 more characters
Umm healthcare is a right. Living is a right. For some people who are worse off than me, and can't get the care they need at the moment this healthcare reform is life or death. Healthcare=Life, Life=R + 424 more characters
Note the fact that I said everything I could, basically everything in my power. I am 14, and broke. The best I can do right now is write my letters to our senators and get word out that we need this, + 162 more characters
So here's the daughter to talk about some things. a. I was set on marrying that farmer dang it!(My mom knows who I mean hah) b. Even if I don't know someone I am still concerned with their health. No + 760 more characters
Ok that makes sense I guess...I was looking at it more as a piece of english homework than a fun hobby. haha
I don't understand the haiku obsession. I don't mind it, I just really don't understand why they are so amazing.
I LOVE MMMBOP!!!hahahaha Seriously though I had it stuck in my head today, and fell back in love with it after all the years I hadn't even remembered it existed!
Wow, I apologize on behalf of my Mom. haha Shes stupid. Then again, I am her teenager so I am almost obligated to say that.
Oh my goodness! Its joey that I heard so much about when I first started posting! haha
hmmm lets see "Pete, we thoughts you was a toad!"-Oh Brother Where Art Thou? "And the lion fell in love with the lamb, what a stupid lamb, what a messicistic(sp?) lion."- TWILIGHT!!!! "Sorry about you + 156 more characters
haha Don't worry I won't mind him. lol And yes it is Ojibwe or more Chippewa, but Ojibwe is the way the Native Americans say it so I thought it might be better. But yea, my family is Turtle Mountian B + 170 more characters
Yup, thats plagarism! You need Work Cited or in-text citations. See I do get something outta English Class.
tisk tisk tisk And on Earth Day. That is sad. This planet definately needs some more loving!
haha Ok you caught me, but in my defense I was in Chorus where we are a watching the movie/musical Hairspray which I have seen so many times already I could probably repeat it. haha Not only that but + 232 more characters
haha Yes you all went way off subject, but did get back on subject...eventually. lol So whoever knew Garrett(sorry I dont remember that persons name) that is really cool. He is my brother(duh!) and am + 753 more characters
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