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Oh yes.....I took care of it...thanks for aksing Hal
Author: Amorette Allison Posted: 6/3/2007 9:55:27 AM Good lord, there are so many people chasing softballs and baseballs around here that the parks can't keep up with it! Teeball, softball, baseball, + 164 more characters
Depends on the Day... I were the one that was naughty at the christmas dont want me to go there.....I bet your hubby doesnt know
John, read the FCC page or see sam's reply.............. By the way...WHO ARE YOU?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????
John5556 I can tell your not a professional, this really does not need to be aired in public. But meanwhile you insist, I have nothing to hide. I rather be honist and have the truth out instead of peo + 1870 more characters
Sorry Kacey, I just get to upset when people don't have the guts to put there name out there, but they have the courage to attack people. Its like the old unsigned letter. If you want to bitch, sign + 285 more characters
Johnn5556 just to let you know that Hot Country 92.3 FM and 1050 KMTA was ranked #1 in Eastern Montana amoung listners 21 and up for the last 4 years, plus generated the most advertising dollars among + 1002 more characters
Richard, I hope your joking. Boise, out of 12 games they played...5 teams had winning records and 7 of the teams had lossing records.
If you had a chance to program your own radio station, what would you put on it?
If you recall Brian, KKRY was the only station that sent a LOCAL Person, Mr. Wilcox, to the state baskeball tourny. The other station took a radio station feed from the city of host. Thats way we broa + 468 more characters
Ok miss know it all...tell me what you think you know. I m the owner and you know more than me. This should be Ineresting Amerette!!!!.....If you look into tonights Miles City Star, you will see the l + 1448 more characters
I have sold the radio stations to a small radio group and is waiting for the F.C.C to approve the sale. However, there are individuals trying to fight the sale and the license transfere with the FCC i + 424 more characters
Just to let everyone know, Dave Thompson was a renter of my first floor of the radio station building at 508 main street since Feb. I'm not at liberty to say what happen, I'm more of a proffessional t + 398 more characters
I want to thank you Chad, and everyone else for being a listener of Berg in the Morning. The problem with talk radio in Miles City, yes there are listners who like talk radio, such as Berg, Rush, ect. + 780 more characters
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