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Remember, it is not slander if you can prove it. Since Buck said last night he was a founding father, I wonder if he and Ben were friends. Ben had a misplaced sense of humor too.
my goodness, steve, I was only going by the posted threads. I had no idea that Mr. Ahner was the nefarious scalawag you paint him to be. It apparenty was more than innocent inappropriate flirting. I a + 172 more characters
boys, boys, LouLee is my real name, Jade. Lordy, pileing on an ole lady? It has been fun. I didn't realize this was English Composition class or I would have been more careful. My three degrees have n + 283 more characters
mr craddock, you seem like a nice fellow and i have no desire to argue whether my political science undergraduate major makes me devoid of any knowledge of government and i have absolutely no knowledg + 545 more characters
Steve, if we accept your line of reasoning, then why are we encouraged to contact members of Congress if we have a problem. We then expect them to contact the appropriate person in the executive branc + 746 more characters
Extremists of any race, creed, or philosphy are vile and despecible. Tolerence and acceptance of others is the spiritual base this country was founded on. More people have been killed in the name of o + 293 more characters
way to go richard, you missed the whole point...think
lets look at the facts that can be observed from afar. This strange man comes to town and opens up a halfassed bookstore/ebay broker of junk business which fails miserably. why did he pick miles city + 977 more characters
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