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OK.......name callers..............I'll let you wallow together. U are going to vote dem, I'm not. I hope our grandkids can have an America like we had. GOD BLESS AMERICA
typical lib response, blame Bush, you just can't use anything else! lol................and then call me names, U R A CHILD!
He sure took credit for killing bin laden, didn't he! Nothing any other president wouldn't have done! It was nice he could come off of the golf course for the photo-op in the White House & thank the s + 509 more characters
and you are a "moran" for thinking this guy is good at ANYTHING! He's a typical chicago thug! Failure at everything he has touched, except convincing libs they need to follow him into oblivion! Like I + 27 more characters
Sure, keep it up and this guy will make himself king of America! I can't understand why anyone would re-elect this clown after the way he has worked at destroying the USA! NOTHING he has done is good + 177 more characters
So, prove that is a tea party person! Looks like an obama voter to me.
Hook line and sinker! You and the other libs deserve what you get, no coverage, just cost!!!
what's a MORAN???
Sure, you may get health insurance, BUT YOU WILL NOT GET ANY COVERAGE! It isn't affordable and too many TAXES within the bill and that is the only reason it got passed. obama only wants the money and + 53 more characters
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