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Well if he does then good for him, he has the right to his opinion. Honestly I really dont care what any of ya'll think of me.
Now the reason i come on here and leave comments is cause of what ya'll say. 1 cause i think its interesting what ya'll have to say and 2 im in afghanistan and its boring as hell here lol. Now how is + 683 more characters
Oh no Levi i learned plenty, for one if im gonna do someone make sure my partner keeps his mouth shut and not brag about it. Man-child huh? Hmm so i guess responding to people and saying how im doing + 73 more characters
Ill be accepting autographs later.
Hey there guys, miss me? I totally forgot about this site. I looked myself up so i could see if they still had that video but they took it down No im not burning in hell. Bob my future is very bright + 726 more characters
I just want to let you know that Erik is doing great, and as for myself i never steped a foot in jail and later i got 90k tax free and im doing very well and everytime we drive by we laugh.
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