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She's not working at a fast food place. Somewhere much better, so the jokes about fast food aren't necessary.
We had one that did that, we had to change the power connector, and surprisingly that helped. If that fails, they've backed up their products up with us every time. Give them a call.
Jeez.. That's the problem with Apple products they want you to only use their software. Did you try uploading them to youtube? Threw youtube i don't think they have a limit. (Since there are some vid + 179 more characters
I just tried my theory and it worked for me. I took a random video and saved it in my Iphone. Then there is a button that should be right next to a blue camera on the left. Click that and a window com + 373 more characters
An even better reason to get your garbage out of there!!
Yeah well the paintball course is also poorly built, and you have to pay to use it anyhow. It also disturbs everyone around it, and lowered their property values. Not a wise investment on your part.I + 273 more characters
I don't see how walking a block makes it a big deal. But, you have to remember after 8 years I believe of eating the same food, wouldn't you rather have fast food or go home for the last 4?
Amorette yes, you have to walk to Lincoln to get it.
I don't see why anything really needs to be discussed. Once you're in high school don't you think that they need to start having responsibilities and act like the adults they're becoming. After 8 year + 204 more characters
Well yes they have to walk over there. Students do go over there if they have no car to drive out to Haynes at lunch. The high school lunch hour is provided BEFORE the little kids even come out for lu + 687 more characters
Well actually those high school students that would like hot lunch, are offered it. Lincoln school serves the same lunch that the other schools get. All you have to do is sign up. They even still have + 40 more characters
Love the pictures, where were those deer pictures taken at? They're gorgeous.
fire? 11 years ago
in General Discussion
Does anyone know where the fire is up north towards Jordan maybe? If so is it real bad?
Couldn't agree more, they have to be concerned about everything. I say just let them sell it at the price they want and if it doesn't sell then they lower it or it goes unsold. Its none of anyone's c + 14 more characters
RE: Gas $$ 11 years ago
in General Discussion
Well whats it doing to not act correctly? Could be a virus..
RE: Fire 11 years ago
in General Discussion
Its true.. Somewhere between Stower and Comstock. I know that when i drove past this evening it was down to the ground.. Not sure what happened or started it.
Just about any place that offers them will do your nails on a weekend. I'm getting mine done on Saturday -Main Cut -Studio 10 -Sunshine (I think) There's more i know it I just can't think of them lol
Well on the corner of main near Big Sky is the worst when it comes to yielding. You pretty much have to sprint across the CROSSWALK just to get across..
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