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20 million dollar retirement.My guess is the Ceo of GM must of voted for McCain.Why shouldn't they make the ceo's of the banks and Aig step down too.Oh maybe because Obama has his fingers in their poc + 6 more characters
Its time for government to stop spending just like everyone else has.Why would I want to bust my butt 12hrs aday and get my check and 30 to 35 percent is gone to taxes,while other people sit home that + 243 more characters
A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul. George Bernard Shaw
Growing up in Miles town I really never got bored.There always seemed to be something to do.Hunting fishing sports,we did drink a beer or two once in awhile.Kids today just have to get off their A$$ a + 39 more characters
I use to chew never did smoke.This tax is crazy where does it stop?Whats next Guns Ammo.When all the smokers stop where's the money going to come from that was generated by the smokers.
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