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Jack Hollowell was an inspiration to anyone who has ever worn a uniform in service of the United States. Thanks for posting this story Hal.
I spotted a baby beaver out at Spotted Eagle today. It's tail was about two inches long and almost as wide. The body wasn't much bigger if at all. He was movin along at a pretty good clip, going about + 42 more characters
Suek, You can purchase very good soil out at Miles City Greenhouse on Valley Drive East. They have already bagged soil that would be perfect for a raised-bed garden. Ask for Justin., he's the pro out + 28 more characters
Thanks for posting this excellent full length movie Kelly. I would recommend it to anyone who was going to sit on a federal jury. Of course you would never be able to sit on that jury as the informati + 430 more characters
If you haven't tried it yet, try The Iron Horse...very good food and the service is second to none.
I'll never forget the "Five O'clock Whistle"
Amorette, I think before you plant your dope you should apply for a Home Occupation Permit...
Don't you know that little window is there to remind people of a prison! Yep, i heard that they are going to name the place "The Joint", pretty sneaky don't ya think? Once marijuana becomes completely + 1349 more characters
Try the thin crust Josh.
In my opinion Seabecks makes the best pizza Miles City has ever seen.
Don't forget the crew at Brewsters! Not only do they make the best coffee in Eastern Montana their crew is always friendly and courteous. Terry has done a magnificent job of producing a coffee menu th + 115 more characters
You really know how to tell a joke Richard...LMAO
Kenny Z Wrote: This sounds like a description of the waste-water (sewage) treatment plant across(?) from the old Milwaukee shops. Have all of the questions and answers in this thread been about the wa + 725 more characters
Talk about nostalgia! Maybe it's because i can no longer get out there on the ice or maybe it's because of my 6th birthday on this day back in 1950...I had been pretending to be a skater for two years + 2134 more characters
Josh you silly boy, don't you know that Scandinavian's are the original Party People? They'll party at the drop of a hat, any excuse to get down! Just go with the flow and party on down. The food will + 142 more characters
In regards to what Howdy said...i tend to agree with that...It goes to prove that we are all human and have at one time or another used poor judgement. Where does it say that a Judge can't make a mist + 896 more characters
Personally, I think Gunnar is on to something! Something on the line of a vaporizer..ya, you betcha Gunnar!
For those of you who logged on to contribute to this informative thread i commend you right or wrong...especially those of you who were right! You know who you are...sorry smiley, you didn't make the + 982 more characters
What's the big smile for? Is that to comfort Amorette because she can't take painkillers because they probably eat up her tender stomach or because she's a good girl and can't risk anything stronger o + 270 more characters
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