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I like that the Warriors fans give the game almost a college type atmposphere. Living in the Dallas area, I've been treading on thin ice cheering against the Mavs. Nevertheless I enjoy hearing the ran + 282 more characters
sorry im a few days late. happy birthday on april 30th to my old friend Cole Cook. i miss ya buddy
dont be down... its your birthday ..rain or shine happy birthday brother
Happy Birthday Marfy!
looks like the yolks on us. guess its time to wipe the egg off our faces.
watching those numbers made me think for a second that i was filling up at the gas station.
just a note from someone who lived there.. dont go to star plunge.. go to the teepee pool. if you happen to stumble into the Manhattan restaurant.. tell ole Steve i said hello. oh.. and tell all the f + 145 more characters
by the way that was 'Thistle Boy' by The Real McKenzie's
Metallica - Master of Puppets? Thistle Boy, commin' up down the Highlands way Got a purple hairdoo got a bottle of whisky yeah Jumpin' up & down then rollin' all around Aee He said Ach Aye I said I + 50 more characters
i would like to officially throw my name in the ring. i mean rink.. im all for a roller derby!
A letter written from a redneck mom to her son. I'm writing this slow because I know you can't read fast. We don't live where we did when you left home. Your Dad read in the newspaper that most accide + 1392 more characters
cant forget Herb Albert & the Tijuana Brass
If nothing else Richard you can find solice in that you are still cheering on an equine mascotted team...
The only thing a motorcycle helmet is good for is keeping the mess all in one place.
Happy Birthday JoRoBo. Hope it's a "good'n"
"..and pretty wild in there hay days.." an author huh?
A man went in to the dentists office for his six month check up. While the doctor was checking out the mans mouth he noticed that the dental plate that the doctor inserted six month earlier was very c + 599 more characters
sweet mousepad! now i can get rid of my DairyQueen one. score!
my guess is that it would also be national " you're sleeping on the couch for 2 months day" as well.
way down here in 'tey-has' ya practically have to know spanish just to order a cheeseburger at BK. ugh!
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