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I actually got to see it on some odd channel through Direct and DVRd it Sunday. If you want some spoilers, keep reading. I am sorry for my spelling...I don't know how to spell their names correctly. + 1292 more characters
Back at the barnyard... I want to give a hypothetical here and see what you all think. Let us say that the city passes the funding/namechanging/etc of Denton. I am assuming that these phases are going + 633 more characters
On a personal level this is a tough debate. Having coached and played countless games at Denton, it is a second home to me. The blood, sweat and tears that have been poured on that field by so many in + 2792 more characters
Hubs, I believe it is best ball...have to use at least one drive from every team member...unless they changed the format.
Josh, I didn't know that about the docks. How much does the media dock run? answer your question, here are some of the extras I have for my phone. I don't have the dock as I felt it is primarily used for the GPS. I do have the BodyGlove phone protector...very nice an + 684 more characters
Here is my top 30, or so, list in no order: Dolphin Browser Contacts GroupU Handscent Advance Task Killer AndFTP Astrid Tasks Barcode Scanner bTunes DroidRecord Facebook GMail JuiceDefender LiveScores + 438 more characters
Kent can u post a link on here so I can put it on our website for our fans/parents?
This is an idea we are having for a potential raffle for Pioneer Baseball. This is NOT LIVE yet...we are just looking for your opinions and whether or not you would participate. Any suggestions or com + 140 more characters
Josh, Can you go thru what your plan has to be like and any extra hidden costs. I know you HAVE to have a data plan...but is there anything else?
I plan to buy the Droid in the next few weeks Josh. I have been following it on blogs, Twitter et al and I think it is the way to go. My only REAL concern now is the 'rumor' that Google will be coming + 729 more characters
Just a suggestion...take it or leave it.
I actually use PHP with MYSQL/PHPMyAdmin for the college's athletic website. I know it isn't quite what you are looking for, but the CMS works very well and is easy to administrate. I actually have a + 73 more characters
[email protected] if you want to ride a few Waves by the way. Jeff
How long ago did you get the invite...just think, if I had wave, we could be doing this within it.
Dan, can you help Josh on where they are.
Josh, did you find them/have them?
If you were invited by Google, you should have gotten 7 or 8 invites that you can give to others...and a particular 'other' would be me!!! I would appreciate if you or any could relay an invite. Jef
I think you have to be of the original invites...if you were invited from an original, you don't get any invites least that is what I hear. Dan, I doubt you have any left...if you sent out + 32 more characters
Where are we at with this Dan? I sent you an email as well. Thanks, Jeff
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