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This refers to your suggestions on how to memorialize other persons in addition to doing something for Dr. Hilleman. I made a plaque commemorating Henry Clay ("Colonel") Thompson, one of Miles City's + 757 more characters
The "Bride of Frankenstein" was shown at the State Theater in 1935. My older brother and I went there for the Saturday matinee. The excitement built up before the actual showing--to such an extent tha + 174 more characters
Dear Amorette Allison, This refers to your interest in organizing a memorial to Dr. Hilleman. Last year, I made a portrait plaque of Hilleman (working from a variety of photographs in various stages o + 1707 more characters
Dear Cheryl, See my reply to your earlier message re H.C. Thompson, which you poster at 11:09 am on 12/12/05. Frank Masterson
I remember your Uncle "holding court" at the Elks Club in Miles City, during the late 1920's or early 1930's. My Dad took us kids to the Club to see "Colonel" Thompson and hear stories he told of the + 691 more characters
I am a "Johnny-come-lately" to this Forum, so pardon the delay in picking up on this item. Your correspondent may find it of interest that the originals of Jim Masterson's cartoons are in the Range Ri + 1391 more characters
My brother, James Masterson, remembers that Maurice's brother, Howard Hilleman, taught his biology class at Custer County High School in his Freshman or Sophomore year (1937=1938 period.
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