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For those of you who do not know, this is the star center of the Sacred Heart Shamrocks Basketball Team that won the state playoffs in 1965. I know as I was Doug's girlfriend at the time and off and o + 480 more characters
Do you mean to tell me that another member of the Custer County High School Class of 1966 has died? No way! Where is our Senior Class Historian? (Forgot who that was...maybe //oh hell!) If there is a + 188 more characters
What is going on with your local press? Is it now owned by out-of-town folks? Certainly there are local people who would have at least put in profiles on the candidates. When I worked for the Star (su + 108 more characters
My husband's 1-year-old great-granddaughter celebrated her birthday Saturday. We went to Barns and Noble last Thursday and bought several books, but when I suggested "Where the Wild Things are" he bal + 172 more characters
I of the best...The Band was awesome.
Okay, folks, as a 1966 grad of CCHS with a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction, how do I proceed to apply? Bigger question, how do I go about finding housing in Miles City if hired?
The use of the emergency rooms for routine and other care by illegals along the Texas border is killing our health care in Texas. Many hospitals have had to close. Those who live further from the bord + 39 more characters
Oh, noooo. That means the Class of 1966's 50th is in 2016....that is only, like, gee, four years away. Thanks for making me feel old!
Thanks, friend. This is awesome! Brings back my childhood! Dang, I bet I am the only person I know who thinks this is neat! And I thought I was a math nerd! By the way, the language/grammar wars have + 49 more characters
Shoot, there was Latin tonight...Had to dig deep in my brain for my middle school Latin learnings in Catholic school in Virginia.
Maybe I should have applied...I have not been a superintendent, but have been a Math director for a 7000-student for about 14 years. And I graduated from CCHS in 1966. Oh, but I now live in Texas. Tha + 283 more characters
Good job and glad this has a happy ending.
Why would you want to make Miles City more metropolitan?
I am grateful for my husband John, is trying to teach my mentally challenged 30-year-old son (who just moved in with us) how to drive. I am also thankful John did not have a heart attack! My son is no + 85 more characters
But, Amorette, I attended a wedding for my niece Kelly Wolgenant in Kinsey several years ago in September and the grasses and hills were gorgeous at the wedding location. It was darn cold, but beautif + 4 more characters
If we get through the spring and summer without a drought here in Texas, maybe my garden and my husband's citrus will survive. We got two beautiful and tasty oranges a couple weeks ago. The deer (we l + 376 more characters
Didn't that dang dog impregnate about eight "females," resulting in about 40 Wilson puppies on that street and therefore create another generation of about 250 more Wilson puppies...kind of like those + 126 more characters
Will there also be a removal shop? Just wondering, because my special ed son just moved back in with me with an Aryan Brotherhood tat...I am not pleased with that.
Thanks, got a laugh out of that!
"Remember, with oil and gas and coal comes filth." Not certain, Amorette, what this comment has to do with these criminals.. . The math community in Montana (I am hearing from other friends there) is + 241 more characters
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