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also I had a GREAT lady from circle named Mistica that help me set up a facebook donation page for Chava you can use your PayPal account to donate...CHAVA BERRY BENEFIT PAGE and the email to donate to + 69 more characters
Carri will you please call me when you have time, and give me the details on how to apply for this!
hello every one I have some good news! Chava is doing better as of 8am today she is doing a little better, a lot more lucid! still not sure if they will take the breathing tube out today but its looki + 717 more characters
i got an update on being able to donate any of my vacation/sick time to Matt and its a no-go...but our company dont take no for an answer! Mid-rivers is going to get something up on our Ad channel, an + 1107 more characters
thank you that was great! I passed on the info and they got it set up, any one can donate to the Berry family to help with the cost of thrir stay at the Ronald McDonald House the cost is $15.00 a nigh + 708 more characters
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