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Well people, here in Wahpeton, ND we've received app. 24 inches of snow since 4:00 a.m. today. And you think YOU are sick of snow??? I think my kids have had about 8 snow/flood days in March alone. Ch + 5 more characters
I too have family still in Miles City and got a call about an hour ago, so I got online and I'm almost ill looking at this. I just want to cry. I live in Wahpeton, ND which is about 40 miles south of + 414 more characters
"Unkept" "Unkempt" We all know what the people were referring to when misspelling the word. Good grief, why does every thread have to have someone pointing out peoples spelling or grammatical errors? + 537 more characters
Hey Jim! Yes, I will be there, got to MC late last night. And yes her name is Jennifer. She's 32 now, how scary is that. Also, much more mature than her father or I will ever be. (especially her fathe + 28 more characters
Wow, Mike Bertrand is Gay? I sure hope our daughter doesn't find out!!! LOL
I remember the paddle in Mr. Bender's office as well. Altho I could never imagine that someone as gentle as he was would ever use it. Miss Timmer had one too....and THAT one I did see come off the wal + 9 more characters
My favorite Lincoln School teacher was Mrs. Hutchison, 4th grade. Loved Miss Timmer, even tho she moved my entire desk to the "reading room" because of talking. 2nd grade Mrs. Drew made me go outside + 109 more characters
How about Dr. Carl Luther...Teacher at CCHS for many years..."a penny for your thoughts Miss Hagen"....and the infamous staredowns....(he always won)
I just downloaded this and it worked fine. I too had Mr. Bender as my principal at Lincoln Grade School in the 60's. How fun to see him. Nancy is right, he was the kindest man. I remember the paddle o + 375 more characters
Wow, pomegranates...haven't thought of them in a long time!!! I definitely remember loving those from Lincoln Grocery. I also remember the penny candy...remember the "coins" chewy gummy candy??? Anoth + 94 more characters
Wow,I just spent almost an hour reading this thread. I'm in shock as to how many people I know/knew have passed away. Many I did know about, but several I didn't. A great way to keep people informed.. + 70 more characters
I've been getting on here and following some of the topics for a few months now. I finally feel like it's time to make a comment..(oh, I've wanted to several times...but this time actually will! I jus + 279 more characters
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