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There will be an All 80's Class Reunion meeting Tuesday the 17th at the Cellar Casino at 6pm.  Please attend if you can!!  We are just trying to get a letter sent out with all the reunion information + 127 more characters
What about Dave Thompson's place on Valley Drive? He also has a house that is abandoned on S Center. What a mess!!
So all of a sudden the camera has spanned out? Can they zoom in and out with the camera?
I agree that Triangle Park looks really bad!! The one tree on the south end that had the most beautiful blossoms in the spring is now gone and it will take years to replace it!! I really don't see man + 50 more characters
I have 2 tickets I will sell for $25 just call 853-5376 purchase price was $30
So where at in Miles City is everyone meeting?
What is your address?
Since you are here in town, you can sure start planning it!! LOL!! Corina and I said that after the 20 year, we were not planning anymore. I think Pam Bovee is wanting to do it, so maybe get a hold of + 103 more characters
So how do you get a hold of the "higher up" people?
If it is true that they had to sign a rental contract, that is really sad, because some have said that the two businesses in the area on seventh are closing due to traffic (customers) flow from the po + 381 more characters
Does anyone know why the Post Office has not moved back to their location? I have heard rumors, but curious if anyone knows for sure.
You can go to KTVQ.com and click on State BBall scores. They have been pretty up to date.
Could this be put into the Miles City Star to get more people to vote?
Trey-it is my biz and every other tax payer!! Like MT Zook said, somebody has to pay for the food stamps and that means you and I, unless of course you are one of the many food stamp receivers that ar + 498 more characters
We were talking to this one girl from Florida. Very nice girl, telling us how they could teach us how to live for "free". We asked her how they get their fuel. "Its all free"!! They were cooking deep + 537 more characters
Did anyone see the bus of young adults tonight at Albertson's? Quite a site to see. Just wondering what people thought.
Thanks Cindy, you took the words right out of my mouth. I started this forum with the hopes of getting responses from parents that have a child in the class of 2011 but I guess I will need to pick up + 243 more characters
Cindy, give me a call when you can at 234-6292 because I too would like to go to the next board meeting or whatever we need to do. From what I have been told, there were only about 30 votes turned in + 456 more characters
So graduation is set for May 24, 2011 a Tuesday, and I was wondering what people thought of this? It used to always be on Sunday of Memorial weekend and however many years ago it was changed for some + 199 more characters
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