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Mcdonalds they are not!! Food is much better and your order is always right there in front of you, thankfully you dont have to wait 20 minutes for your food!
I've never had any problems with the cafe at the hospital!I sure love the fact there is always a salad bar 7 days a week, that alone is a meal...I eat there alot, somedays are busier than others, so m + 102 more characters
Oh. You sure told me.
Howdy, I can take a pictures and quote from any one race, religion, party affiliation, gender etc, and throw an unpleasant image along with it and make some generalization and put it on each individua + 260 more characters
Funny. All people who watch fox news are uneducated, ignorant geriatrics. Because it would take a very intelligent group of people to make that assessment. I'm happy I'm not in charge of classifying a + 125 more characters
How sad..
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