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why sure please do!!!
Good fellows:: Hello all..... I the supreme allied commander Bob B. Boatley will be putting on a football camp in june. also a spelling bee for Vinny. We will also be putting a a poker school, financi + 232 more characters
Tucker: I am thinking of running a charm school......... Would you be so interested in helping me train thes little ungrateful spoiled brat nowdays..... With your assistance My sweet friend Tucker I t + 113 more characters
That is because I have found peace. I am going to the University of Virginia Divinity School to become a Preacher Vinny.......
keep selling that sawdust feed!!! I am an expert on animal nutrition Vinny..................
When you reach the state finanacially....... I am in Mr. Vince blow it....I have a limo you do not.... I am a professionall card player your not!!!! suck it...... I am of extreme intelligence your not + 122 more characters
Im an Air Traffic Controller Vinny.
Who is Vince? Is he vince Lombardi????? Vince knows everything!!!! Not!!!! Just a town cowboy
Also fashion clothing tips.............. Will help your high school child with fashion tips............. As I am known to be an extremely great dresser. Also personnel hygiene help/issues, as I have s + 171 more characters
Goodfellows: Limo rides available 200.00 per hour. Also, life coach as well........ Limo is bit dirty and cluttered but it has been touched by me a multi millionaire.... I am available for financial c + 120 more characters
Why thank you Miss Suella..... It igreat to see you don't hold garudes since I was the one who who David kicked out of the Olive............ I will be down at the bank Tuesday looking for refancing... + 156 more characters
Why thank you Tucker. Let's call it the USS Ship! I feel very humble that you would bestow me with that prestigious honor. I am a person of tremendous intellect so I know where you are coming from. I + 235 more characters
Hello folks:.... My name is Bobby Boatley. I have some hard times lately so I am looking for backers to play poker and the World Series of Poker....... I am tremendous Poker Player with a natural trem + 870 more characters
Esteemed David Schott: As a Microsoft multi millionare you have my tremoundous respestect.......... As money is my God...... You David be as successful as I be in life..... I have mades money hand ove + 348 more characters
I use to be known as only a World Class Poker Player. Now, I am admired for my tremendous intellect!!!!!
You ever thought Mr. one Bobby Boately is living exactly as he wants. Your Humble Servant, Bobby B. God Bless you all!!!!!
If you know who I am why don't we meet up? Are you threatening me? I know who are.
Showwalter, so you are an expert on the Middle East? Fuck no I wouldn't want them to offer me a hug. After what a saw what they did to women and children. Your right fuckhead, I wont be a victim of a + 84 more characters
Concealed Wepon Permit? I wonder if criminals apply for one... I would think not. Law abiding citizens should have the right to carry concealed al long as they pass the background check. I for one wil + 368 more characters
On a better note: One of the boys in maroon was arrested last night in Missoula. A former griz back in town. And beat goes on.
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