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Has anybody used Etsy? Im thinking about starting my own shop selling baby boutique items I've made but haven't ever used it myself.
Bob It took my husband an hour to go from ft harrison to east helena and over to the cathedral last night. not fun!!
Go Saints!!!
Call one of the banks and ask to talk to a notary. They might be willing to meet you somewhere.
Beer can chicken!
Ohhh you guys are making me miss Miles City right now. I love Mama Stella's food. Their biscuits and gravy are yummy!!
Yellowstone! My 2 year old son loved it
I really loved Dr Erin Stevens! She and her staff were always very welcoming. I had to move about half way through my pregnancy and she was a big help finding a new dr in my new town.
I would much rather go to walmart in miles than in helena...
I seriously hope they bring back nacho fries.
I met my husband in the drive thru at the bank I just started working at. A customer pulled to the window and I greeted him. My co worker was explaining a procedure so my full attention wasnt on what + 425 more characters
My boyfriend asked me to marry him. Best gift EVER!
I work at a bank here in town and its really sad to see how many elderly people fall these kinds of scams!! It breaks my heart everytime we try to convince them they havent won the lottery. If its too + 38 more characters
I used to be a receptionist at a paper company. And when I quit and came back I was rehired as a saleswoman.
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