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Hitler had friends too, that did not make him a good guy or does it? Harry reid is a great guy to his group of intitlement reciepients, but is the enemy of the non reciepients. I guess we just have to + 177 more characters
Yes we freemen love that site, as opposed to non free men that hate it. they are the sheeple I speak of, you know the type. The ones that aren't allowed to hold the remote control in their house hold. + 1121 more characters
With less heart as well.
I would say good luck, but luck will only help you if companied with intellect. Eat your GMO and love it sheeple, keep beleiving alqaeda crawled out of a cave and stole some planes. If people like you + 101 more characters
which way did they go george, which way did they go.
They can't take them all at once, because that would mean a regime change and they know it. However through supporting the NWO agenda and allowing infragard in our public forum they can probe for weak + 863 more characters
Oly you found the evidence, posted the proof and yet they say you are wrong. I do not understand why you think these community leaders are right. I do not lie. I suspect that what lead to the confisca + 486 more characters
You don't have to remind me who they track, I am a proud constitutionalist. All the infragard communist can please pass my information around. The masses will catch up sooner or later. Web master, do + 201 more characters
If they are friends of yours they will probably get lost on the way, so be specific when you sign the directions to them.
I have pictures on facebook to prove my words, I don't have to lie to kick it.
I am 175lbs, 6"0' I spent a year in Vegas boxing on the north side. I was raised boxing my cousins at the chicken coop in Cut-n-shoot Texas. Trey Harris (8-1) as a pro, and Daniel harris a constable i + 401 more characters
815 n 2nd st. stop with the name calling, actions speak. You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down.
I suppose you either didn't investigate, or you are infragard?
Gun confications by the police chief in Quartzsite Arizona, have begun. The mayor caught the police and councilmen sending monthly paychecks to people that did not exist. When the Mayor and constituan + 87 more characters
I can, I just won't, not for this infragard audience. White Pride World Wide. Down with political correctness. I could share an amazing story related to the Butch Grenz ouster that shows the political + 252 more characters
Another Daniel K original TCcAimcJx9Q
Reminant soul, I saw the damning revalation a while back, so don't go watch some videos and think you got it all figured. Yes the jesuit order is at the top. I would suggest that you look into the Inf + 260 more characters
I never lie about church or much of anything else. However I am not going to tell you where the loyal White Christians gather, you may show up with some atheist to break up the worshiping. I am no gyp + 40 more characters
My back is not as hairy as your hands.
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