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I’m sorry to report that Kelly Thibault passed away last night in Miles City. He was a good friend to many and will be greatly missed. I don’t know a lot of the details but his sister Cathy is coming + 18 more characters
The Custer school system has been a good ole boys’ club forever. It was, and perhaps still is, a place where your career turned on whether you were liked and toed the line, not whether you were good a + 154 more characters
How odd, Lenny.
Very sorry to hear, Richard. How lucky you were to have her in your life for so long.
Mary Catherine, I know you aren’t implying that relaxing the celibacy rules of the Catholic Church will prevent future abuse of children. But there are those who will. Men who sexually assault childre + 378 more characters
That’s the first place I went.
I’d rather do a sword dance with you as the sword so I can kick you in the head.
Help!! I am getting pop up ads for free amazon gift cards and other nonsense with every other website I visit. I immediately close my browser and clear my cookies but it happens over and over again wi + 81 more characters
*gets up for more popcorn*
A cat tamed and loved Should be given a cushy life They are not feral In response to Ship’s post about his dad shooting my dog: Fortunately I don’t have any memory of that. My dad was a soft hearted + 159 more characters
If you want your cat to live a long life, keep it inside. If you want a healthy bird population, keep your cat inside. If you want to keep peace with your neighbors, keep your cat inside. If you love + 69 more characters
I don't know why United didn't try to find seats on other airlines to fly their employees. Would it be embarrassing? Sure, but they wouldn't be experiencing the PR nightmare they have now. Or why didn + 353 more characters
F@ck Sh!t See, there are ways around it if you're hell bent on swearing.
Just be glad your don't have to build a wall between the bar and the dining area so your precious kiddies don't see devil drinks being mixed and poured.
There are plenty of educated people in Miles City. There are also plenty of intelligent, interesting people, regardless of education level. I have lately seen a real pride in Miles City. There are new + 452 more characters
Diversity is pretty nil. There are a few Hispanic families and the owners of the local Chinese restaurant. May be others. Mostly Republican with a small group of staunch Democrats. A few good restaura + 220 more characters
That is true but in many states the driving force behind acquiring federal lands is so they can be sold to private parties. I live in Utah and this is exactly what the proponents of these transfers w + 150 more characters
Tucker, great minds think alike. I used to play this song all the time as a kid. And I loved the roller derby on TV. Here in Salt Lake there's a very successful roller derby league. It's flat track.
I graduated in 1980 but I have no memory of this. Perhaps I only associated with the 'pussies' in high school.
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