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Thank you. Who do I contact to volunteer. It is better to do something unstead of just complain.
We go to both Rib and Chop & Black Iron on weekends. Lunch and dinner.glad to have 2 very good restaurants in town. But on that subject. Breakfast at 600 is our favorite. And Mexico Lindo has some tas + 129 more characters
Thank you for your information. I think our community needs some help in this area. Suggestions everyone.
We have dined there many times. We Love everything about it. The food is a step above any place east of Billings. And as time goes on it just keeps getting better. Excellent curteous service. Prices a + 185 more characters
Does any one know who the Zoning enforcement officer is for miles city?
I used to have a road kill cafe menu poster. Bet they are still available. Always a good laugh.
LOL. Thanks for the humor.
I think it very interesting that EJR can post such idiotic statements. I invite every one who has any concern for what is going on to come and meet with me and see my sons lovely animals.
Just remember the truth is the truth. Lies are just lies. You can always prove the truth. You can't no matter how hard you try prove a lie is the truth. That is what EJR did. Like I said so sad. He on + 108 more characters
I am truely sorry that my son trusted EJR and his partner Trudy to care for his garden and animals and he welcomed them here. What a mistake. Lesson learned. Check references and names before you trus + 390 more characters
Well EJR is in a nice jail cell tonight. If you want the truth instead of the ranting of a sociopath I would be more than happy to provide them. I have nothing to hide but he does. Any questions are w + 26 more characters
The person who abandoned the animals is a squatter from Washington. The animals are all safe from EJR or who ever he is.
It was interesting to read this post. It is really odd that the person who says they were taking care of the animals was actually the ones who abandoned them. He and his wife were receiving a free pla + 212 more characters
Ok what are keifer grains?
Yes it is in the MC area.
Lincon I know where ther is a place for rent in MC with large Organic garden. Rent reasonable.
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