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I also have bought and sold several firearms on this site. I usually look at it every day or two just to see if there are any posted that I may be interested in. It will be too bad if this service is + 74 more characters
Perhaps you should subscribe to Wild Blue internet. You bemoan the fact that .20 per gig is price gouging-on Wild Blue, the overage charge is $10.00 per gig over the 10 gig monthly allowance. I saw so + 81 more characters
For Mary, Amorette, and the rest of the progressive malcontents out there, I would just like to say one thing-HILLARY LOST!! Give it a break for cripes sake.
Madam, your slip is showing....
Perhaps someone attending this rally will ask Senator Testor how self employed folks are supposed to afford the health care premium increases-sometimes up to nearly 100%. After all, his vote in favor + 39 more characters
The Bowgun Ranch was indeed located on Cherry Creek NW of Terry. It is immortalized by the Bowgun spring, Bowgun Butte, and Bowgun Road-landmarks that are still referred to frequently. The Ingersolls + 453 more characters
I had it on my favorites list, and after the change it would simply come up with error 404 and not connect. By going through facebook to access the link to the new site, I was able to discern that the + 302 more characters
I can't get into the site the usual way, but have to go through facebook and hit the links. I went to the new site and re-logged in , but still can't access it the usual way. I wonder how come?
There actually was a payphone installed adjacent to the schoolhouse on the Crow Rock Road. It received very little use, and with the removal of the schoolhouse and the increase of cell phone use, it w + 11 more characters
We took my daughter to Dr. Brooke with a very complicated elbow fracture which he had to perform surgery on and follow up with a long recovery. After recovery she had lost some rotation in her wrist, + 294 more characters
Mary Haughian now residing at Holy Rosary assisted living could fix you up. They have owned the ranch there since about 1900, and she would have many resources plus pictures regarding the early days. + 161 more characters
My family and I own a Dell desktop [XP] two Dell laptops- Studio 15 and Inspiron- and a new HP G62 laptop. We have had no trouble with any of them, and I actually like some of the features on the HP b + 542 more characters
Don't overlook Mid Rivers cellular. Those customers can also roam on Verizon for free as can Verizon customers on Mid Rivers towers. Mid Rivers has some very reasonable calling plans, and their custom + 402 more characters
Hop in your car and head east 37 miles to Terry where they will be having their 62nd annual July 4 rodeo. It is a fun afternoon, and the kids can take in the park and a real cement swimming pool! Rea + 68 more characters
Mary B. I think you raise a very valid point. I've had a few paid for by insurance the last few years, and they become a permanent part of your claims history. I'd like to simply pay cash for a reason + 359 more characters
There used to be a place on Valley Drive East that advertised $20 chip repairs, but I don't believe it is in business any longer. A business in Williston advertises $20 in 20 minutes, or the repair is + 193 more characters
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