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Ironing 8 years ago
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Is there someone who wants to do Ironing Please call Larry at 234-5139
RE: River 10 years ago
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now the cops know just heard on scanner ben there 3days or more
River 10 years ago
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How did the van get in the River and how is it going to get out intresting
thanks to every one for the help
who is Ima
Ironing 10 years ago
in General Discussion
still looking for someone to do Ironing is there any one out there that does Ironing please call cell 853-0034 land line 234-5139 thanks
A memorial service for Karla Cole Murphy will be held June 17th from 1:00 - 3:00 pm At the Trails Inn Comedy room Lunchen will be served
the clap off and clap on and the lady is laying in bed and then she rolls over in bed
that is realy cool nice thanks for sharing
Parade 13 years ago
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that was one good good parade this morning lot of work but every one seemed to enjoy it
Kaye sure hope it goes well for ya and your busy busy Good Luck and all that
the same thing happened to me with a package allso werid long way it must have come thro Miles City and then back I really don't understand it either it says it will be here today so I will see
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