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We will be going through Forsythe in the morning and can stop somewhere and meet you if you would like to buy some.
My girls would be interested as well 10 and 8 yrs old
CAA bought golden needle..they are now located at auto advantage out on Haynes.
Any new intrest in this idea?
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Would one in Miles City get used? Video games, pool tables, xbox tournaments, playstation tournaments? Would something like this be feasable in Miles City? Any input is appreciated!
The problem with xbox is that you have to pay to play online.. Its like 100 a year or something where ps3 is free to play online.
Call Colstrip CPRD and talk to them about how they operate. They have very nice facilities.
KOA has some I believe
url..... check that post out in the classifieds... says dog was found by post office.
it is WRIGHT
When the people that were running them stoped driving they stoped and no one wants to put in the effort to get them going again!!
Kinda looks like an Earth Baby! if it is they are mean little things
Call Chris or Shannon at Sunshine Hair Design. 234-5886
Chuch Norris' tears can cure cancer, its to bad Chuck Norris doesnt cry
Call Dave Gamble in forsyth, Gamble Repair
I'm pretty sure i saw your lost dog on Leighton like two blocks or so west of the tracks this afternoon about 2:45 or so.
its not much of one but there is one where Kickn Ass Hat Company is on main street. Next to Riggs Camera
Does anyone remember why her was fired from the force in 98 or when ever it was? Just curious
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