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There is a local page on facebook, Miles city Pay it Forward. it is for free stuff available for give-away, and requests for donated items.
Toni you just miss me! lol!
As a former Postal employee I can tell you for a fact that it is extremely unlikely that any personal mail is being stolen by any employee at the MCPO. I cannot speak for anywhere along the way, but I + 863 more characters
The above cake was very nice! Also, Anna Brandt at FBC Catering is awesome, & I swear I lost 5 lbs during the week it took me to polish off one of her cakes! lol!
Some people should NEVER be allowed to procreate! If an animal goes into heat, & you throw it outside, it will get pregnant! Get your pets fixed!
These salesmen went to my niece's home outside of Fargo, ND. a couple of weeks ago. She felt they were honest, and she talked with them for quite some time. She runs an in-home day care.
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