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The Slough is in the county.
Yes it was, my friend. And thank you for setting it all in motion all these many years ago.
Gee. If people want to dump fireplace burnable tree branches, I can use them. Call 853-6529
Jim, I miss your smiling face. Sorry you had to move, but "Daisy, I'm a loner. And loners just got to be alone." I do know what you mean about Jazz, though. I can never hear Coltraine without thinking + 107 more characters
My Show 8 years ago
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I want to do as little promo for my show on KMTA 1050 am, 95.3 fm Every Monday through Friday afternoon at about 4:10, or so, (depends on how long the first record after the news lasts) I tell a story + 206 more characters
Larry's shop in the bowling alley is a good place. He gives good mens haircuts, and is reasonably priced.
1050 KMTA's new AM transmitter really sounds good. Very clean signal even at low night time power.
Yesterday afternoon, I was traveling west on Leighton. I saw a group of slow moving vehicles coming east. Behind them was a volunteer fireman on his way to a fire. He had all his red lights, in the wi + 882 more characters
Cursing is a crutch for conversational cripples.
Thanks for the replies everybody. Hopefully the Miles City Star will have an in-depth story.
Does anybody have information on local boy Dustin Dodd allegedly injured severly in a bull riding incident?
See my post of 1-22-09 Had those buildings been retrofitted as per my suggestion, we might not have another gaping hole in the center of downtown Miles City. Now for all the flamers, detractors, xenop + 205 more characters
Other than myself, and I no longer play, so that doesn't count, the best recording drummer has to be Ringo Starr. His timing is impeccable. He never plays too much, He never plays too little, and his + 409 more characters
I am not sure that I entirely trust out new President. But, I am praying for him. I am praying that God will move on President Obama, and that he will prove my fears and mistrust to be wrong, and misp + 511 more characters
An open letter to our public guardians: This was on Butch weedon's internet page today. (1-21-09) I want to pass this on to you, because even though I am no longer in fire service, I am still vitally + 2792 more characters
Mascots - Team names... It always seemed juvenile to have the MCC women's teams called the "Lady Pioneers." Sounds like a high school name. The strongest, bravest, most courageous of the pioneers wer + 209 more characters
They took out the Milltown Dam. Did you know that it was used to generate electricity? Of course when they took the dam out, they took the powerhouse out. Hydro power is the cleanest most effective me + 618 more characters
The best of all ballsports is Rugby. The Missoula Rugby Club calls themselves "The Maggots."
STAND BY SARAH: SHE'S A WINNING PICK By DICK MORRIS & EILEEN MCGANN Published in the The New York Post on September 3, 2008 The dominant question at the GOP convention is: Will John McCain make the + 3025 more characters
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