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you will never see terrorism disappear.
There are certain few experiences throughout my life which leaves me feeling so empty as the death of a close one. In this case, a friend who always welcomed me to sit a spell and warm up a bit. Along + 207 more characters
I really thought I'd seen it all.....well, a lot, any way. Way to stirr up the pot! Seldom a dull moment.
When i lived in Georgia, for 49/month I got 16M down, 8M up...that was rural, not a city. whats up with that? I believe it is greed on behalf of the providers in this area. Here i get 1.55M down, 570K + 56 more characters
Now it is on the same street. Damn I am old!!
Can anybody fill us in as to what happend to the best cherries ever. I heard some real disturbing thoughts...need elaboration.
Mark, you will be missed.
Responsibiltiy, accountability, integrity. we need these words back in mainstream America. We need to be able to quit picking on the other guy and start looking within. i am the only one i can really + 88 more characters
well i am completely pain free. wow this wonderful...i ended up having 2 root canals and one molar pulled. i have one side only healthy enough to eat and chew and the other side is now out of order, b + 614 more characters
Another kudos for! The people once again put a smile where it was needed...montanajane, exactly what I needed! Multiple ways to approach this for a win win situation. I think everybody should b + 99 more characters
I was at a local dentist the other day having a routine root canal. While removing tissue from the interior of the molar, SNAP, the file bound up and broke off. In an effort to remove it, he used anot + 874 more characters
it sure is easy to tell the ones financially set and those who have had to rely on the system. being in the latter stages of parkinsons myself, i understand about the shortfalls of the current system. + 324 more characters
Back to fundamentals and try again? I nominate Gunnar for Szar!!!
..aaah, the blame game! waste is the overmedicating of the elderly. And as I've seen happen to my father... My sincere apologies for possibly being insensitive. This is a perfect example to learn from. The time + 349 more characters
not likely in our life time
the first time she went across country was by train from Montana to Florida. She said she didnt like the train because it went too fast. She couldnt enjoy the countryside at 20mph.
Howdy, you hit the bull's-eye
I have found a very good source for this information for nearly any city in the US is the city's Chamber of Commerce
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