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Great memories......I loved it when they did that here. Fun and beautiful!!!!
Is this only for people who have been diagnosed with cancer or are people who have lost a loved one due to cancer able to attend?
RE: Arcade 11 years ago
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I know of many kids that would take advantage of something like this including my own. The tavern is only place with games and pool but my kids don't go because in my opinion its more a bar. I think i + 18 more characters
Does this cost anything for children to participate or is there a age limit?
I happen to work for animal control and I assure you we would never intentionally "throw " a dog in the big kennel with other dogs knowing that the dog would harm another dog. We do have Protocol for + 394 more characters
As far as the "other " tattoo artist your speaking of, his name is Earl and he is a fantastic artist as well as person and friend. You are telling others not to judge you but you are throwing judgemen + 1438 more characters
What is the price range of these workshops? I am very very interested but sounds like it could be quite expensive.
Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinions, but I personaly think this is great and my daughter couldnt be more excited. I will definately be calling to get her set up
Is it 30 dollars for the full 6 weeks or 30 dollars every saturday?
Thanks guys, I also am not willing to pay ipad costs....I recently got both a apple ipod and a 8gb apple ipod touch and i do not like the ipod touch at all....most free games wont download and I could + 420 more characters
Also a Big THANK YOU to you guys for taking your time to give me some info.
One last question, does the fire have the whisper net just like the original kindle???
Do you play alot of games on yours? Im also curious about the game app there alot of selections or is it pretty limited??? Also with music is it similar to a mp3 or ipod where you can + 55 more characters
I am looking at purchasing a Kindle Fire very soon and Im interested in hearing anyones opinions (good and bad) on it. Im interested in it because of the ability to still get the books, magazines etc + 137 more characters
Could not agree more with the previous posts....Earl is extremely professional, clean and sanitary. And a one of a kind artist. He has done all 13 of my pieces and he is amazing, along with his whole + 280 more characters
You know Im super excited.....Cant wait. If ya need any help let me know. Will help you guys any way I can!!!
Richard....Thank you for your post. I found it very very informative and now have a much better idea of where to go from here myself with my son. I appreciate you taking your time to make that post.
RE: Judo 11 years ago
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We would also love to be kept up to date on information as you move forward. My 13 year old son is VERY interested. Thank you. I think it would be great.
Does Kinsey School even have middle school classes? I was under the understanding that it was only elementry school through 6th grade? Thats great if they offer middle school, I may move my son there.
Your right, got a little off topic there....I agree, the old Ben Franklin building would be perfect for lazer tag. That would be fun too for adults and kids.
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