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Then there's no proof . Or was this one of you're fairytales. Seems like stumbling Joe has a problem . You no that when he blames some one else it's going to have to be someone like Trump to fix the + 111 more characters
But the science are saying that they don't work. keep wearing your mark then . But you're telling me then you don't think the vaccine really works.
Yes what about the border. Are they wearing mask or being vaccinated before coming across the board? But there not America's so that doesn't apply to them. And let's see what new pandemics they will + 6 more characters
I don't want to look like and idiot like you. Or the vaccine didn't work.
What I want to no . If you already have the virus. And people got the vaccine Then you shouldn't have wear a mask ? And if you did have the virus . You also shouldn't have to wear a mask also. People + 215 more characters
Or it could get to the point where it will not be so contagious. Does China have any input on this scent they developed it.
One of the side effects is that some of you might become normal .. And does it really work. And if it does then we should be mask free.
And when I go to the bathroom in the morning. I still name it after you .
Yes I can read. And yes you can come pair. And I explained my point of view.
Don't you think BLM trying to break in to the white house would be the same thing. Of course there's the good and true double standard .
Stupid, ignorant comment. The only reason the fence around the Capitol building exists is because of the attempted insurrection by Trump terrorists on January 6th.[/quote] And BLM wasn't a threat? We + 78 more characters
They got that idea from the B L M movement. But they didn't put up a wall after them?
This post wasn't about Trump. Its about how Joe is handling the border. This is his screw up .
Well so far that's been your theme as long as I've been on here. It's like pot calling the kettle black. Besides you're no more part of the community then me . The only thing that keeps you on here t + 40 more characters
So you're all right with drugs, human trafficking. And undocumented immigrants. And do you think that only whites are republicans. That's one of the most stupid comments you have made .
Why was my time on a misinformed idiot like you.
So there looking for volunteers to help at the border. It would be great if some of you would go down and help . That would show how commented you are with imagination. That's if you truly concerned a + 57 more characters
No you're wrong as usual. He knows it would divide the party. So that's wish full think on you're part. And Joe won don't he. That's if he won it farley. But it's something how afraid you people are + 7 more characters
You're the one's that keep being it up Trump an his supporters. . And I wasn't the one to post it. The one who put this on here has the seriousness problem At first I thought it was him after going i + 52 more characters
Looks like a true Joe supporter confused what his penis is.
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