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Again where do you people come up with this.. Hillary the one saying that Biden shouldn't. concede.
Antifa has already burnt those bridges.
Just not her. Love how you jump to conclusions.
I still think it's China is the one that created this virus. But I can be wrong
Maybe it was hers to begin. Or that's how repulsed she is that she can attract a fly
But he did help bring division to the country. If it was for him we wouldn't have these problems. In fact he made it worse.
It would be fair for both. That would also let Biden show how stupid he really is [Edited by Jerry e (10/1/2020 6:33:32 PM)][/quote] Now is that better
Well you're not as bright as you think you are either.
It would be far for both. That would also let Biden show stupid he really is [Edited by Jerry e (10/1/2020 6:33:32 PM)]
No the democratic socialist party are the destroy America Did your see people fleeing socialist county's go back.
So you admit you're a racist too. Don't you feel relieved now
It seems your huge up on racism. It okay to admit you have racist tendencies. With all you're hate is obvious
No Biden is a idiot Besides Trump has been bull all his Presidency
I'm tired of the attacks on whites and manly white males. And now Christian's That's all I read was whites are the problem in the world let alone Christians .at firs the BLM started out a good cause. + 276 more characters
Yes we did pray for him . Manly to stop attacking Christians . His score would ha gave him an F. What the guy that wrote this would be what a horse would leave on the ground.
How about all members in Washington D.C..
It's neat that you made all this up just to get a response from me . Next you'll tell me that your unicorn can speak.
Threw the government we all do.
Yes it can be done. The navy as been doing it for years .But there's con's to.
They always have. What's new.
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