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A company in Boston is involved in this sort of stuff. And one of our own Miles City boys is part of it.
Frank, a discussion came up the other day about an entire CCDHS basketball team being suspended for hazing in the seventies. Details weren't known, can you elaborate, or point me to a thread that cove + 57 more characters
I can't find Toto.Has anyone seen him?
I so miss the good old days... We used to just hop in the car and cruise over to South Dakota and get an abortion and cruise back home and keep our mouths shut. Well, maybe not "we", but some of our f + 34 more characters
It's spelled "pepole" from now on, Jonna. Please try to pay attention. No really in all seriousness, there was nothing anyone could do to save this story. There wasn't much to work with.
I want to share this. Thanks Bret. [deleted - long link fixed below]
As far as I can tell they're just thinking about actually enforcing existing laws.Unless I misunderstood which is possible in light of the lost years spent drunk and stoned.
I repeat. "Ever sense I took the Evelyn Woodhead sped reddin course.." Good heavens "pepole". One would have to be an insider to have a clue what this thread is about.
Toni,read on a little further in the book. After Cain killed his brother he went to town and met his wife.Then all the begatting began.
It's one of the private jokes here.You'll get used to it.You'll be fine as long as you don't pretend to be an expert on anything. I propose another word: "pepole".
"ever sense i took the evelyn woodhead sped reddin course my reddin has improvved wonder fully. And grammer and comprension too. I recomend the evelyn woodhead sped reddin course to all my friends and + 74 more characters
Toni's 'I can't wait to get out' statement rings a bell.I've heard it over and over from young people for a long time.It would be neat to hear more from people who are gone, they have a better underta + 268 more characters
I need people in Portland to have severe dependency problems.Otherwise Bret will have to find another career. As for this town, well I'd rather people don't have such aflictions. It's just not the wa + 198 more characters
I draged main in the late sixties.I clearly recall there being little else to do, especially in the winter.Had there been any drugs or fights or sex going on I think I would recall that. But I don't! + 298 more characters
That's the typical solution Mr.Stone. It just isn't ever gonna get popular enough to pass. And government thinks alcohol is okay but pot is bad. I think their both bad. I know all about them. This top + 382 more characters
let's just say I'd enjoy helping build the Brokeback Float for the Bucking Horse Parade but wouldn't be brave enough to ride it. Too scary. Still middle ground I hope but expecting eminent attack.
Oh yes, my life kind of fell apart in those years and it took a while to find a real friend who saw the real me in there and help me out of it.But guess what I was a good motivator. My son became an a + 45 more characters
It just dawned on me that a person should never take a stand on things this controversil so play middle ground if you'r going to voice an opinoin. The other topic on similar subject got me thinking.M + 326 more characters
We are a very drunken and stoned community.This I know is true and wish we weren't because I am ashamed that I was one of them for so long.You have to be there to understand it, and have to clean up t + 263 more characters
One summer my son went to Havre for another extende visit with his dad.He became best friends with some swimmers who took him from a basic swimer to one ready and willing to compete.Upon return home h + 866 more characters
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