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I'm so glad that my damaged property has become a source of entertainment I hope that none of you have to deal with someone destroying your things.
I know this is a long shot but this is a small town and people talk. Whoever decided to run into my fence 2 days ago has caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage. They did not inform me that they di + 482 more characters
I have only lived in MC for a year so I don't know much about the town. How old do kids have to be to play soccer, where do I sign up my child and do they do it in the fall and spring?
Try Kountry Kids Enrichment Center, it's on Valley Drive East next to the DEAP/WIC office. 234-4395, owner's name is Karen
Lol my son is only 4, he wouldn't do well with paintball. Ty though
Oh okay! That's a good start. Thank you
Does anyone know if they have summer programs for kids here in MC? And no, I'm not asking because I want to go drop my kid off somewhere and not be a parent. My son needs something to do besides stay + 142 more characters
A woman can push o ut a 12 lb baby. Women do it all the time, they don't always need c-sections.
Yes, this is great. Have you had any experiences with a midwife?
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