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853-2253 I always have some.
Miles City Vet after hours -951-2829
I stopped there once, got gas and went in to use the restroom. I noticed the sign on the door that said "A $1 minimum purchase is required for use of our bathroom facilities." I asked if this was in a + 437 more characters
Well said, sir.
Your comment about Miles Citians squirting ketchup on everything reads as disrespectful of Miles Citians & lends a sarcastic tone to your answer. It wasn't particularly constructive advice, just the u + 31 more characters
Thank you, atomicq for the only sensible & respectful answer to the original post.
A new eating establishment is going up at this site.
Dave, you have just discovered the risk you take when daring to intrude yourself on the clique which is One is not even safe from the snobby sarcasm when posting a classified ad. OK, Br + 133 more characters
Done! All the best to Alexis!
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Spot on! We were just discussing today at work why a lone woman will hear a noise int the dark basement or attic and feel compelled to check it out!
Stormy Jensen, PA.
bump to the top!
Have never heard the song before, but I made it 49 seconds through before I cried "uncle!"
Ditto that! It is at the top of my "to do" list every day!
Peg Leg Boy Dupree. For a girl!
My daughter & son-in-law had the same problem as the first person who posted. Waste of money when they were trying to save money!
Oh, and Richard, THANK YOU for such an uplifting and positive thread! I will look forward to visiting on Thursdays!:
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