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Open Book! 18 years ago
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The first book of the Open Book program is available at the library. Open Book is sponsored by the Montana Committee for the Humanities. We read a book a month and discuss it with Rosemarie Aus, a ret + 615 more characters
Placid funky blues Crystal Blue Persuasion Sets my soul smilin'. Purple Sage Riders
In reflection of what he called his hometown and having moved so much that he wondered what it meant, Wallace Stegner writes this: "There is only this solid sense of having had or having been or havin + 256 more characters
The noble rank of "lady" was not attached to Evelyn Cameron's name until she came to Montana. It is an unofficial title the local Terry people gave to her. I would propose that it was a title given ou + 1247 more characters
I'm new to Miles City having lived here only 12 years. A few years ago I was at a social gathering in the Missoula area and someone introduced me by name and mentioned I was from Miles City. The perso + 1044 more characters
A black sky's ablaze streaking sun-ergized ions
Lee, another book with the same subject, is "The Forty Days of Musa Dagh" by Franz Werfel. Werfel, a Jew, wrote skillfully, thoughtfully, and hauntingly of the horrible extermination of the Chrisian A + 145 more characters
A poet who hoped for revival began writing again for survival. The words came so fast he ran out of gas so ate alphabet soup with a ladle. There once was a lady from Jordan
I believe that a total lunar eclipse is SO COOL!
a poet who hoped for survival began writing again for survival the words came so fast
I believe in the energy emanated from spontaneous laughter, heartfelt music,and a genuine hug.
Karen--The garage can be as hot as we make it!(Back in our college days there was a group called Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks - great music!) An ocarina! We need to get our choreographer going on this + 1611 more characters
Yee Haahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Downy feather floats grand palette of blue and white painting color on the wind. Horse tails in the sky
....or taking a bite of Granny Smith apple alternately with a bite of caramel. Thanks, Karen, glad to know that words can produce new images. By the way, I have a name for our band/singing ladies grou + 94 more characters
FIrst snow came easy Tears of Winter fell frozen upon ashes of autumn. Downy feather floats
uh...yes, it is mine. Bit timid 'bout it. (Why does posting it, making it "public",validate it?!) Thanks, Tucker.
A Taste of Seasons If I could taste the seasons I would roll Autumn on my tongue like a lemon drop, letting the sweet and sour of it linger before it is gone. I would bite into the dark chocolate + 456 more characters
Friends that go and come Puzzle pieces of the heart Fit to make a whole. Galloping,soaring
In regard to Rockwell's symptoms of well-being, I do hope they are contagious! I wouldn't seek a cure for this one. Thank you, Karen, for those thoughts. And, Tucker, for sharing your Sunday morning p + 303 more characters
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